Why Converge Stories?

When we bring together the stories of students with teachers, the “now” with “eternity,” the “sacred” with the “secular,” the “short-term” with the “long-term,” and “studies” with “service,” it is a “converge story.”

All of the YWAM Student Centre training and sending ministries are focused on the saturation of the gospel message into every part of society, every nation, and every vocation. That’s what we believe Jesus commands us to go and do; we are to make disciples of nations, beginning with the individual learner, student, and volunteer. Subscribe if you would like stories like these delivered to your inbox.

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To learn more about the international network of missionaries, partners, and volunteers, go to YWAM Student Centre - https://www.ywamconverge.org.

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My wife, Mary, and I have served with Youth With A Mission since 1985. We have led 100s on missional internships. We have served in over 32 countries. We live in Ocean City, NJ leading a Satellite Ministry of YWAM Tyler, TX.